Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Princess Gift Bags

I got some of the larger cellophane gift bags from target (back by the wrapping paper) and filled them full with lots of pink stuff. It is always so easy to do Maya's birthday with princess theme because it is right after Valentines day and so the possibilities are endless when it comes to pink
I put in some pink and white "kissables".
Pink hershey kisses
pink heart stickers
disney princess fruit snacks
a heart shaped eraser
a heart shaped bubble necklace
a pink pencil
a pink heart lolipop
a glittery star wand
a cute little tiara
and, last but not least... a cd i had made of a bunch of Maya's favorite songs and a recording of her thanking everyone for coming to her party.
I tied each bag with some white tulle that I got at the dollar store.


  1. The girls are just waiting for their CD!! We loved our last one and need one to change it out with!!!

  2. So cute!!!!

    YEAH!!! A blog just for all of your cleverness!!! I LOVE IT!