Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rice Crispy Wands

For one of the projects that was a GINORMOUS hit, I had the girls decorate some rice crispy wands that I had made up previously.
I had bowls of diffrent princess goodies in the middle of the table.
We had prepared small snack size bags with a dollip of icing in it for each girl and then cut a little hole in each one so the girls could use it as the "glue"
Before the party I made a couple of sheets of rice crispy treats and then I took a star cookie cutter to it.
I then got a lollipop stick and stuck it into each one.
I iced each one and used the same cookie cutter star to cut out some fondant stars and attach them to each star rice crispy wand.
Like I said, this was a huge hit! The girls pilled on as much candy as they could and them we bagged them up in some more cellophane bags to take home.

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